Alt-J, Production Studio Amos Fricke, Publisher Spex, July 2014, Berlin


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Foals touring Melbourne with Alpine this September

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Yannis is all mannis

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Songwriters are not poets. Or songs are not poems, I should say. In fact, songs are often bad poems. Take the music away and what you’re left with is often an awkward piece of creative writing full of lumpy syllables, cheesy rhymes, exhausted cliches and mixed metaphors. But of all those writing lyrics today, Turner is among the most poetic. His use of internal rhyme exists to be admired and envied. And where some songwriters are never able to get beyond the drama of their own lives and diaries, Turner is more than capable of sidestepping his own experience and producing telling little mini-dramas populated by keenly observed characters.

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It’s your heart that gives me this western feeling

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Grimes by Max Farago for Pop Magazine A.W 2014 3

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Peace R&L 2014

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SiriusXM Studios, September 3

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Red Bull joined Jagwar Ma on the road from Lollapalooza to LA, discuss the band’s incredible journey to their debut LP “Howlin” (and beyond!).

The first time I actually heard the song [Come Save Me] on the radio, was here in L.A. on KCRW. We were driving and I hear the opening snare, badoom bak, bak, and I didn’t recognize it at first, then I heard myself singing and I was like, “Oh shit, it’s me.” I couldn’t believe it, it was my song. That was an amazing experience. I was like, “Should I call up the station?” 

Read now on Red Bull Music.

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just took my last bath/shower of summer vacation. spent today doing summer homework, laundry and getting my backpack ready. it Comes. School Is Upon Us


actuallygrimes at fyffest (2/4)

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Yannis & Bam 💖

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